While it was long before I came to know Marcy, March 19th of 1997 is when it all began. Steve and Faye Kohlbeck welcomed their second child and only girl. Inspired by the world of Charlie Brown and both grandmothers, they gave her the name Marcy. She attended Kaukauna area schools from preschool through high school. As a child, Marcy loved to “take care of” her baby brother (which actually meant putting him in some danger, as a toddler taking care of a baby usually doesn’t work). This set her up for a life of compassion for others and her eventual career choice. The role models of her mom and other teachers, specifically a co-op she worked with during her senior year of high school, solidified her interest in teaching. In high school, Marcy used her many talents to be involved in a variety of activities. Her musicality was expressed in the Lawrence Academy Girl’s Choir, playing the french horn and piano, and participating in musicals. She stayed active by playing tennis. Giving back to the community through being a member and the secretary of Key Club was an important part of her high school experience. Her efforts in high school resulted in induction to the National Honor Society and graduating with high honors in 2015.

After visiting a few different colleges, Marcy found a home away from home at St. Norbert College. Her study of elementary education (focusing on middle childhood/early adolescence), along with minors in Spanish and English as a second language minors, has been set since freshman year. Marcy’s academic accomplishments have not gone unnoticed. Her involvement in the education program was recognized with the LEAD award, or Leader in Exceptional Attitudes and Dispositions, in the Spring of 2017.  She entered SNC as a member of the Honors Program and is on track to graduate from the program come May 2019. In wanting to make education majors feel more at home in the Honors Program, Marcy stepped up as a Torch Leader mentor for freshmen. She has also been a part of the St. Norbert College Dean’s List every semester. In developing her interest of the Spanish language and culture, Marcy spent a semester studying in Toledo, Spain. The study abroad experience was an influential part of her personal growth, so she became a mentor for those planning to study abroad in the future. She also took on the role of Spanish club president for a year. In addition, she continued playing and performing the french horn. Outside of academics, Marcy has held part time jobs throughout the school year and is an enthusiastic camp counselor over summers. In addition to all of the hard work at school and in the field, Marcy loves collecting and watching movies (especially Disney), drinking wine or baking with friends or her cat, Chandra. After getting to know Marcy throughout these past four years, I would describe her as a coffee addict, cat lover, guinea pig whisperer, and yoga enthusiast. As for the future, Marcy is looking forward to student teaching next semester. She will first in a third grade classroom and then in a middle school Spanish/ESL room. After graduation in May, her dream job is to teach third grade in a general education classroom.

Marcy’s presentation portfolio is a compilation of four papers from different critical lenses. Her close reading of Kate Chopin’s The Awakening thoroughly explores the motif of birds. With great detail, Marcy dives into how birds represent Edna’s failed desire for freedom. In her feminist/gender critical essay, she continues her interest in Chopin by analyzing the short story “The Story of an Hour.” Marcy eloquently addresses marital status through the short story and multiple feminist critics, such as Showalter and Embry. She takes a short break from Chopin to explore her interest in the Latin American culture by psychoanalyzing Gabriel García-Márquez’s “The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World.” Here, she takes a unique approach based on the idea of Carl Jung’s archetypes. Finally, her new historical paper revisists Chopin and The Awakening in light of First Wave Feminism. She makes a strong connection between the novel and the movement. I had the pleasure of peer reviewing most of her work throughout the semester. I have noticed improvements in exact writing and flow of papers. I also witnessed her working through writer’s block and frustration to create a product she is pleased with. I enjoyed watching her writing process and papers develop!

I may be a little bit biased since I lived with her for two years and we are often criticized for being too similar, but I urge you to explore all of the hard work she has put into this portfolio. In her last semester of real college courses before student teaching, she has put her best foot forward and effectively emphasizes the importance of the process over the product. In conclusion, here’s a little throwback to the end of freshman year in celebration of all the hard work we put in to not only this English class, but everything these past four years.