Blog Post #3 : So What

Today we got back comments on our initial drafts of our close reading papers. All of the comments made sense and were not over my head in terms of being too difficult. Now I am trying to figure out how to adapt my writing to better fit the mold, taking the comments into consideration.

We were also assigned our next paper–a summary assignment. I am struggling to see how this assignment is relevant to me as a future educator. Since I am failing to find a purpose, this assignment is really hard to start. It feels as though this is just busy work, which I despise.

Overall I am frustrated with this class. I am growing more and more doubtful of how applicable this class is to my future, let alone my Elementary Education major and Spanish and ESL minors. I am taking this class as a substitution for my ESL minor, but I feel like I am learning nothing that connects to it. I feel like I am wasting my time and money with this class developing skills that do not need to be developed in my last semester of college classes. I am not an English major/minor (for a very good reason) and as an English class this is catered to such individuals. I definitely believe that whoever chooses what courses are needed for what majors/minors should reevaluate the inclusion of this class within the English as a Second Language minor.

In her 2008 song, So What, P!nk sings, “So what, I am a rockstar.” To this I respond : So what. I am an Ed Major.



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