Blog Post #7 : Pulled

For this next assignment we have to write a proposal for our paper which includes an overview, outline, three abstracts of sources, and a timeline. What I am most upset about is the forced outline. As stated in previous blog posts ( Blog Post #1 : Prewriting ), I do not particularly care for prewriting, more specifically outlining. I understand the importance of organizing one’s thoughts, but I prefer to just write my thoughts as they come and return to them to organize later.

I guess a lesson plan is a form of an outline. And I can write lesson plans with little disgust for the process itself. Why then do I have such an issue when it comes to outlining for the sake of prewriting? Is it more that I dislike the end product (a paper?) rather than the outline itself? The world may never know. Either way, whether I like it or not, I am going to have to outline this gosh darn paper for the proposal.

Once again, I am struggling with where I want to go with the assignment. I am leaning toward The Awakening again, but might decide to one of Chopin’s short stories instead for a little bit more variety since I already wrote my close reading paper on The Awakening. I’ll probably start one topic and then switch what I want to do completely hours before the peer review is due like I have done plenty of times in the past and will probably continue to do in the future. I am an indecisive writer. That is just who I am.

Wednesday Addams is “pulled in a new direction” in the Addam’s Family Musical. I relate in that I am constantly being pulled in different directions by having new ideas on what to right about. What I am not being pulled toward liking, however, is outlining. That is a direction I doubt I will ever be pulled toward.

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