Blog Post #14 : Fixing a Hole

There is only two weeks left of the semester which means there is only two weeks left to finalize papers and finish organizing this website. I definitely relate to Chandra (pictured left) at this point in time. This is a time of panic and finding time for things that you really do not have time for (which usually means giving up precious sleep time). Oh well. That is the life of a college student.

I need to be efficient in the coming weeks. Most of all I need to be focused on the tasks at hand. I have written my to-do list for the remainder of the semester and quite honestly the majority of the list is taken up by tasks for this class. I do not know how I feel about that. I am putting so much time and effort into this class and it does not even pertain to my major.

Today I turned in a revision for my Psychoanalytic paper and received back comments on my New Historical paper. The assignment has also been handed out today for our final paper, the Reader Response. The goal is to revise my feminist paper one more time for Wednesday, turn in my Reader Response paper on Friday, and revise my New Historical paper for next week Monday. I just have to find the time among last minute meetings and work. My brain is going a thousand miles a minute and I feel like the Beatles “fixing a hole where the rain gets in and stops my mind from wandering where it will go” which is basically saying that my thoughts are jumbled and sometime soon I need to also untangle those so I can produce the best possible work over the next couple of weeks.

The end of the semester is often overwhelming in any college class, but in this class more than any I feel rushed to finish hundreds of tasks in a short amount of time. This is perhaps the most stressed I have felt about this class. Oh well. Hopefully I can keep my mind from wandering.

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