Blog Post #16 : Who Am I?

Who am I? I spent part of today revising my New Historical paper. My works cited page is over a page long and I honestly am questioning the identity of who even wrote this paper because it is also 6.5 pages long. But it is all me (except for the appropriately cited sources). I am not usually the person to pump out “long” papers (I am fully aware that 6 pages in not long in the world of English papers but it is long for me). The paper is still a little bit all over the place, but I do believe I have added substantial quotes that helped solidify the ideas and hone in on the focus. At times the paper was labeled as being too general, but I cannot bring myself to change these parts. What one reader may view as too general, I think it needs to be as is more so as an explanation.

Revision in general has been a tricky process, especially to write more than one revision on a paper. I have always been a *brace yourself* one and done writer. I never found it beneficial to revise. As it is said in Les Miserables “Why should I right this wrong when I have come so far and struggled for so long.” Over the course of this semester, I have righted my wrong of not revising papers and as a result I have come so far and struggled for so long (almost 15 weeks to be exact). As stated in previous blogs, I am nowhere near perfect when it comes to my writing, but the hard work and time I have put into these papers and revisions this semester have helped me improve.

As a future teacher, it is important that my students learn perseverance and that they have a growth mindset. Although it is hard to be positive when you are putting in so much time and effort into something that will seemingly never be finished, it is all the more important to stick to it in order to improve.

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