Blog Post #17 : Que Será, Será

I really do not know what I am doing over here. The more I look into what Reader Response is, the more confused I get. Even more so, I have no idea what text to work with. I have written the majority of my papers for this class on works by Kate Chopin. I liked The Awakening before rereading it several times this semester through different critical lenses and then writing papers on the book. At the present, I would be okay never reading any of Chopin’s work for the rest of my life. Yes, I could write on the Turn of the Screw, but if you remember from earlier blog posts, I could not stand the book. It would be impossible to write anything of value on a book that I despise.

So here I am, stuck in phase one of writing this paper. I tried to start this paper several times, I just always get stuck. Therefore, unable to push through and write ANYTHING, I forfeited the right to comments on my paper and will just be uploading the paper right to the process portfolio on this website. Oh well. Que Será, Será. Whatever will, be will be.

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