Blog Post #9 : Sail

I have opened the word document for my summary and evaluation assignment several times, but I cannot bring myself to do anything to revise. The paper is nowhere near perfect, nowhere close to my best work, nowhere close to being an accurate representation of me as a writer. All this being said, I do not even know where to start. I am as lost trying to revise this paper as I was trying to start it in the first place. I think about this assignment and anger bubbles up from the depths of my soul. I look at this paper and tears form in the corners of my eyes. I write and revise this paper by slamming the keys, producing nonsense words and phrases that do not make sense to me or the reader. I want to revise because that’s what a good writer does and I want to pass this class, but I cannot revise. I am utterly lost and so upset by this single paper. I do not have time to waste energy on something that makes me so upset and self-doubting. I am just as lost as to what the purpose of this assignment was and to how it makes me or my future students better writers.Image result for memes about being angry about essay

This assignment has upset me as much as the song “Sail” by AWOLNATION, which I despise which a great passion and change the station everytime it comes on the radio. That being said, I must sail away from this assignment, leaving it and all the anger I have toward it in the past so I can focus on future papers and survive this class without completely destroying my self-esteem as a writer and student. It appears that even if I was not so angered by this assignment, my cat is not going to let me revise anyway. That is enough of a sign for me.

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